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Parquet made of Swiss stone pine - Queen of the alps

Swiss stone pine is the wood for well-being and health. Parquet made of Swiss stone pine has found its way into the sleeping area in particular. The awareness for a healthy living climate and biologically valuable building materials has risen strongly in recent years. Therefore, it is not surprising that this special wood is in demand as never before in home and furniture construction, but especially in the hotel industry. We have parquet made of Swiss stone pine for you in the form of two impressive country house floorboards.

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How good is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is really popular at the moment and is THE trend flooring for anyone looking for an easy-care floor. But other floors are also easy to clean. So why is vinyl so popular? What are the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring? And where can it be installed? We answer all questions about vinyl here.

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Buy parquet regionally online

Regional online shopping has a new significance due to the Corona crisis: it shows the local company behind the online shop in the Word Wide Web. Shoppers no longer want to get lost in the vastness of internet commerce but are looking specifically for online retailers in their region. We have been selling parquet through our online shop for over a decade, and our company is based in Leutasch, Tyrol. From there, we advise customers, sell parquet, order deliveries, send parquet samples, maintain the online shop, enter products and plan promotions.

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Herringbone parquet & Herringbone flooring - Timeless Herringbone parquet in trend

The classic herringbone parquet contributes significantly to the fascinating aura that old buildings exude. It is the small details, the loving design of days gone by, that cast such a spell on us in these buildings: Magnificent entrance staircases, high ceilings decorated with stucco, generous double doors and, of course, the fine parquet flooring.

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Our parquet in your home - Parquet room planner

Finding the right parquet actually sounds quite simple. But if you take a closer look at the topic of flooring and parquet, a few questions come up. First and foremost: Which parquet do you like best? Which one matches the desired furnishings? Should it have a natural, lively look or a quiet one? And how does the parquet actually look in the large, installed area - in your own home? This requires a good dose of imagination - or simply our innovative room planner. Select the floor, take a photo of the desired room and you can see how the parquet will look in your home.

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Parquet for every living area

When you choose parquet - a floor covering made of real wood - you are making a conscious decision for healthy living. Many of our customers ask themselves the question in which rooms parquet should be installed. Can it withstand the daily individual demands? Can parquet also be laid in children's rooms and bathrooms? You are not alone with these thoughts. We have asked our customers whether they are still satisfied with their choice of parquet and whether the parquet also meets the requirements in the respective living areas.

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Parquet exhibition Tyrol shines with new entrance area

True to our motto "Parquet for life - SEE, FEEL, WONDER", we have redesigned the entrance area of the parquet showroom in Tyrol. We want our customers to see (feel and marvel at) what awaits them as soon as they enter our parquet showroom: parquet flooring. In the highest quality and largest selection.

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Summer special - Parquet for life

The right parquet for every type. In our SUMMER SPECIAL, we introduce you to the different formats and construction types of parquet: Starting with the elegant herringbone strip to the ever-popular country house plank, the casual wide planks as well as noble estate floors to the robust solid wood planks and impressive old wood floors. Every parquet floor has its own charm. Depending on your personal taste and the structural requirements, you will find the right parquet flooring of the highest quality at the best price.

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Parquet in action: recognise quality!

Not all parquet flooring is the same. Especially not when it is a promotional product. Especially in the case of special offer products, the differences in quality are enormous: starting with the surface, through the thickness of the wear layer to the format, trickery is used to be able to offer a favourable price. We explain below what you should look for when choosing your parquet so that you can enjoy your parquet floor for many years and have little work to do with it.

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Parquet from reclaimed wood

Parquet made of reclaimed wood lends your living spaces original and individual charm. The lived-in look, marked by wind and weather and still recognisable in its original use, conjures up an incredible atmosphere in your own four walls - whether in new construction or renovation.

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Parquet for dogs, cats and other pets

"Can I have a parquet floor even though I have a dog?" is a question I've been asked constantly since I started working at Parkett-AGENTUR.Since I don't own a dog myself, I didn't understand this question at first. Until a friend - proud owner of a Dalmatian - showed me the scratches on her lacquered strip parquet. She would "never again" have parquet flooring installed, even though she really liked the look and warmth of a real wood floor. She has since renovated and guess which floor she chose?

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Simple and secure: buy parquet online

Buy parquet online? Definitely! Clothes, furniture, even food - nowadays there is hardly a product you can't buy online. We test, compare prices and finally find the long sought-after product "online". But how safe is it to shop online? Which shops and providers can you trust and what rights do you have as a buyer?
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