Simple and secure: buy parquet online

Buy parquet online? Definitely! Clothes, furniture, even food - nowadays there is hardly a product you can't buy online. We test, compare prices and finally find the long sought-after product "online". But how safe is it to shop online? Which shops and providers can you trust and what rights do you have as a buyer?

Buy parquet cheap online

As an experienced parquet online retailer, it is very important to us that our customers have the security of buying from a trustworthy supplier right from their first visit to our online shop. For over a decade, we have been successfully offering high-quality parquet at favourable prices. Of course, this only works with a flawless online shop and an appearance that meets the criteria of a secure purchase. Despite all the sceptics, we have successfully established ourselves on the parquet market with our parquet online shop for 11 years now - in the face of steadily growing competition and constantly new online shopping guidelines. Many people did not believe that a small retailer with an online shop in Leutasch, in the middle of the forests of Tyrol, could become successful with a "niche product" like parquet flooring. The fact that we were nevertheless able to prove ourselves in the industry is primarily thanks to our well-designed online shop. From the very beginning, it was important to us to convey to our customers that they have just as many rights and safeguards as they would have in any other shop. For this reason, we regularly have our shop checked and certified by various providers. This is how we guarantee you a relaxed and, above all, safe purchase.

Buy parquet online? With certainty!

Trusted Shops has made it its business to provide a reliable answer to the question that is asked again and again: "Is it safe to shop online?". With its products (seal of approval, Trusted Shops guarantee and customer rating), Trusted Shops offers various online retailers proven trust solutions - and millions of consumers a good orientation. Especially the detailed customer reviews provide potential buyers with honest information regarding product selection, quality, delivery and service. These can neither be embellished nor otherwise manipulated, so that you as a potential buyer have the security of receiving honest feedback from an existing customer. Since we offer high-quality parquet in more than 600 different variants and formats, this feedback in particular is very meaningful for potential customers. Our Austrian online shop has already been certified since July 2013, during which time 667 reviews (as of 4.4.2018) have been created by our customers. As a potential buyer, you can look at all the reviews and independently of our online presence get an idea of our online shop, our products and our services. As our customer, you also receive an uncomplicated money-back guarantee for your parquet purchase. As a retailer, we have the advantage of being able to react promptly to negative feedback and to solve any problems quickly. Since the guidelines for online shops are adapted to national standards, our parquet online shops for Germany and Switzerland are currently being checked and certified separately for you.

Since 1999, Trusted Shops has been checking online retailers according to criteria such as creditworthiness, price transparency, customer service and data protection. Over 25,000 online shops have been awarded the seal of approval. At the locations in Cologne, London and Warsaw, more than 200 employees work for Trusted Shops - and thus every day for more trust and security in e-commerce. We gladly accept these costly, strict checks and constant spot checks so that we can guarantee you via these certifications that you have found a reputable online provider for parquet flooring with us and that we are a trustworthy partner who respects and guarantees your rights as a buyer.

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