Parquet in action: recognise quality!

Not all parquet flooring is the same. Especially not when it comes to low-priced parquet from our monthly special offer. Especially in the case of special offer products, the differences in quality are enormous: starting with the surface, through the thickness of the wear layer to the format, trickery is used to be able to offer a favourable price. We explain below what you should pay attention to when choosing your parquet so that you can enjoy your parquet floor for many years and have little work to do with it.

The starting situation is clear: you are building or renovating a house or flat. You are aware that the floor creates the basis for feeling good and represents the first step of the "furnishing". Above all, you want a floor covering that looks good for decades and does not have to be replaced after a few years. Parquet made of real wood is available in many different shades and grades and meets these criteria 100 percent. However, to ensure that the parquet bargain does not turn out to be a flop, you should definitely seek the advice of a professional. In addition to the criteria mentioned above, the requirements are not the same everywhere. For example, you need to know from the outset whether you want to lay the parquet as a floating floor or glue it down over the entire surface, whether underfloor heating is to be installed and how high the installation height of the parquet can actually be. Our parquet specialists will go through all the required criteria with you step by step and will also give you competent advice on laying, cleaning and maintenance. We also explain the quality features that you should look for in every bargain:

Parquet quality feature #1: format

Basically, the longer and wider a plank is, the higher the price. The typical parquet plank format is approx. 1800 to 2400 mm long, 160 to 250 mm wide and, depending on the type of construction, 11 to 15 mm thick. People particularly like to cheat with the format: Either the length or width of the format is shortened or the half-length proportion is particularly high. Half-length proportion means that a certain number of planks are cut once per order - this cut can be in the middle (50/50), or even after a third (30/70). Thus, it may be that 4 planks are split in a package with 8 planks. You should always ask for the exact format and the half-length proportion in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during installation and in the installed appearance.

Parquet quality feature #2: structure

The plank format is particularly popular in 3-layer construction. It consists of the wear layer, the backing material and a counter layer. The following applies here: The stronger the wear layer, the more durable your parquet is, as it can also be sanded down several times (in an emergency!). If the substrate and backing are made of wood, your parquet is particularly valuable because they are more stable than conventional HDF material and the entire plank is therefore made of real wood.

Parquet quality feature #3: finished oiled surface

Finished oiled means that your parquet does not need to be oiled again after installation. A few years ago, this was quite commonplace - but oiling and drying after installation takes time. With the finish-oiled surface, you save this work step and can move in and use the rooms directly after installation.

Parquet oiled or lacquered?

In principle, lacquered parquet floors are cheaper than oiled ones. However, country house floorboards with an oiled surface are increasingly found in product promotions. On the one hand, because the oiled - open - wood surface preserves all the healthy properties of the wood, whereas the lacquered - sealed - wood surface prevents them. The open wood surface ensures a healthy indoor climate that regulates itself naturally. Another reason is the durability: with the oiled and brushed surface, for example, small scratches disappear by themselves, and it easily withstands pets and lively playing children. With lacquered parquet, every scratch is very visible and turns grey over time due to wiping. The only way to remove these scratches is to sand down the entire parquet surface - which is very labour and cost intensive. Before buying, make sure that the surface treatment (lacquered or oiled) is clearly marked.

Highest parquet quality at a favourable price!

Our special offer plank Rustic Oak meets all the quality requirements of a high-quality parquet floor: The surface is brushed and oiled ready for use. The wear layer is approx. 3 mm thick. The format has a length of 1860 mm, 189 mm width and a construction height of 14 mm. The backing material and the backing are made of real wood. The half-length proportion is very low with one split plank per package (8 planks per package). In addition, the plank is produced with the Uniclic system with push-button locking on the face side for high installation comfort. The Rustic Oak shows a lively appearance with natural colour and structure differences. Knots and darkly cemented cracks as well as the original wood colour emphasise the naturalness and create a pleasant atmosphere. Rustic Oak is available from € 34.90/m².

We will be happy to send you free hand samples of our promotional products and help you find the right parquet floor according to your requirements and criteria. Our parquet specialists will advise you by phone and on site in our parquet exhibitions in Tyrol and Vienna.

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