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Parquet larch - for rustic and modern wooden flooring

Parquet from larch

In our parquet range, we present twelve wonderful plank floorboards made of larch wood. Parquet made of larch has a very warm effect due to the natural yellow-reddish colour of the larch wood and has always been popular for interior design in alpine regions. Traditional parlours are dressed in larch - both as parquet on the floor and on the walls and ceilings. Larch is characterised by its many circular knots and a pleasant interplay of colours between the individual planks on the installed surface. In our assortment you will find parquet made of the native, reddish mountain larch as well as country house floorboards made of Siberian larch wood.

White oiled larch planks

In addition to the naturally reddish larch, we also offer you plank parquet made of larch that is oiled and leached white. In contrast to the naturally reddish planks, the light, white oiled larch wood looks very friendly and modern. Combined with simplistic furniture, large indoor plants and eye-catching accessories or even totally puristic with light, unobtrusive furnishings, parquet made of white oiled larch is very modern. With white oiled and leached larch planks, you can perfect the simple Scandinavian country house style in your own home.

The larch - wood flooring in alpine style

The larch is the only coniferous tree that resembles the hardwoods and loses its needle coat year after year in autumn. We encounter it everywhere from the long way from the forest line below the mountain top or in the highest north of Siberia to the home of the warmth-loving oaks in the lowlands. With trunk lengths of 40 to 50 metres and a normal maximum age of 500 years, the European larch is formidable. The oldest known larches are in the South Tyrolean Ulten Valley and are estimated to be 850 years old.

The wood of the larch - for your natural flooring

Larch has always been used for all building components exposed to the elements. From well troughs to outside doors, from the jetty to the house cladding and roof shingles, the reddish larch wood lives longer than anything else. Larch wood is also popular and often used in interiors. Parquet made of larch is harder than the wood of fir and spruce. Larch is not only impressive in the form of a parquet: larch resin is antiseptic, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory and wound healing like no other medicine from the pharmacy. It is used pure as a traction or wound healing agent. Larch oils in the sauna or fragrance lamps are another way to enjoy the blessings of this great healing tree.

Convince yourself of our unique parquet floors made out of larch and order your free parquet sample or visit us in our parquet exhibitions in Tyrol, Vienna and Zurich, there we will present you the whole beauty of parquet made of larch wood.

(Excerpts from "The secret language of trees - and how science decodes it" by Erwin Thoma, published 2012 by ECOWIN Verlag, Salzburg)

How much does a larch floor cost?

Parkett Agentur offers inexpensive, high-quality larch floors in its parquet shop starting at around 53 euros per square metre.

Where can I buy cheap larch parquet?

Parkett Agentur offers inexpensive, high-quality larch parquet for the whole of Austria in its parquet shop, starting at around 53 euros per square metre.

What are the advantages of a larch floor?

A larch floor convinces with its characteristic grain with the distinctive knots, which also gives your home a rustic flair. In addition to the typical warm colour of larch wood, Parkett Agentur also offers white oiled larch floorboards in its parquet shop. Benefit from the experience of our parquet specialists and let our expert advisors provide you with professional information!

How to clean larch parquet correctly?

To clean your larch parquet, Parkett Agentur offers a wide range of special cleaning products for parquet and wooden floors in its parquet shop.

How do you properly care for a larch parquet floor?

To ensure that your larch parquet floor will give you pleasure for a long time, regular parquet care is recommended. For this purpose, Parkett Agentur offers a large selection of different care products such as oils or balsam for your parquet floor in its parquet shop.