Parquet for every living area

Real wood - make a conscious decision for healthy living. Many of our customers ask themselves the question in which rooms parquet should be installed. Can it withstand the daily individual demands? Can parquet also be laid in children's rooms and bathrooms? You are not alone with these thoughts. We have asked our customers whether they are still satisfied with their choice of parquet and whether the parquet also meets the requirements in the respective living areas.

Parquet for the kitchen

In modern houses and newly built flats, the transition from the kitchen to the dining and living area is usually open. Many of our customers are faced with the question of whether they would prefer to lay parquet or tiles in the kitchen area. In 2015, the Köll family decided to install hand-planed plank flooring made of wild oak in the dining and living area:

Dear Mrs Köll, weren't you afraid of stains? Do you still like your floor today?

"Of course, we thought about whether a wooden floor would be ideal for the kitchen, as the floor there is subject to a lot of wear and tear. Since our living room, dining room and kitchen are open-plan, it soon became clear that we wanted to work with a single material! So we decided on hand-planed wild oak for the entire living area. We have no regrets about our decision, even after 3 years of "living", the floor still looks great!

Afraid of stains on the parquet in the kitchen? We can reassure you: If you drop some fruit, for example a raspberry, on the floor in the kitchen and accidentally step on it - don't panic. Keep calm, even if a small pink stain appears. On oiled parquet, fruit stains disappear as if by themselves. This is due to the microbicidal effect of woods rich in extractives, such as oak. Organic substances are absorbed by the wood and broken down or killed - so the raspberry stain disappears by itself after a short time.

Parquet for the bathroom

With a high-quality real wood floor or parquet floorboards specially designed for wet rooms, you can certainly dare to bring the soothing flair of wood into your personal relaxation oasis. Mr. Renz did just that in 2016 and installed the oiled Country Oak plank in his bathroom. Now, 3 years later, we wanted to know whether the worries about water stains and damage that prevent many from installing parquet in the bathroom are justified.

Dear Mr. Renz, we were allowed to take great photos of your bathroom at your home. We noticed that even your bathtub is covered with parquet. How did you come up with this idea and do you still feel comfortable in your bathroom today?

"I wanted to achieve unity with this design by incorporating the bathtub into the homely parquet flooring, so to speak. Now, in the third year, I still find it just as fantastic to bathe in this cosy, warm bathtub landscape as I did on the first day. The material wood is simply a guarantee for a feel-good atmosphere."

Parquet for the hallway

The rubber boots are dripping, the snow is melting off the boots and mud is sticking to the children's trainers. And all the dirt is spread over the floor in the entrance area. That's why many people decide to lay tiles, vinyl or laminate in the entrance and hallway areas, even though they would prefer parquet flooring. Our customer Mr Schnegg has installed the lye-finished and oiled plank flooring made of Siberian knotty larch in the hallway.

Dear Mr Schnegg, many of our customers are worried about laying parquet in the hallway and reach for tiles, even though they would like wood better. How did you come to choose parquet in the hallway? Are you still satisfied with your choice after more than 2 years?

"We had exactly the same worries at the beginning, but then decided on the warm, beautiful wooden floor in the hallway anyway and are still very happy about our decision after more than 2 years. In the direct entrance area, we have laid a small carpet that catches the ''coarse'' dirt, so to speak. The rest of the hallway is then only walked on with socks or slippers. Accordingly, the floor still looks like new after this time and, from my point of view, cannot be compared to any tiled floor in terms of warmth and cosiness."

Parquet for lively flatmates

Pet owners in particular wonder whether parquet can withstand the demands of their fellow residents. Mrs. Wanner is the proud owner of the little dog Timo and her choice of flooring was the dark smoked plank pattern oak Cuba. This dark parquet is often described as being sensitive to dirt and scratches. We asked Mrs. Wanner whether this is true and whether she is still satisfied with her choice of parquet:

Dear Mrs Wanner, you have a lively four-legged flatmate. Weren't you worried that your dog Timo might scratch the wooden floorboards? You have been living in your home for over four years now, are you still happy with your decision?

"Yes, I was worried that the parquet might scratch. I also thought for a long time about whether I should actually choose parquet. After the consultation, I dared to despite my concerns. After 4 years in our new home, the floor is like new - despite fun and games - and no traces of Timo's claws have remained. I would buy the planks again any time and definitely recommend them."

Our recommendation: We recommend using felt glides for table and chair legs. This will protect the floor underneath from heavy wear and tear. Also maintain your parquet regularly with wood floor soap to keep it resistant.

If you have questions about parquet flooring in your kitchen, hallway or bathroom, our experienced parquet advisors will be happy to help you. In our parquet exhibitions in Tyrol and Vienna, you can take a close look at the extensive selection of different parquet, feel the parquet and clarify all questions directly with our expert advisors. We will also be happy to provide you with information by telephone or e-mail and clarify any unanswered questions.

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