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Walnut parquet - truly most elegant wood flooring

Noble parquet and flooring - Walnut 

Parquet made of walnut is often described as noble, exclusive, even extravagant. And indeed: the dark brown wood with its special grain gives living as well as business rooms an elegant appearance. Whether this because of the noble colour or the softly flowing grain is a matter of taste, but what is undisputed is the extraordinary atmosphere that this walnut parquet conjures up.

Hard wood flooring from walnut

It is not surprising that walnut wood is used to produce parquet, as this wood is particularly hard and ideally suited for flooring. Walnut wood has been used in a wide variety of styles for centuries. Who is not familiar with antique secretaries and chests of drawers in the Biedermeier style, richly detailed in walnut wood, and the high-quality fittings in a luxurious Bentley? The wood of walnut is particularly hard and therefore ideally suited to be produced into parquet flooring. It is hard-wearing and remains easy to clean and maintain for decades.

The variety of walnut parquet  

Herringbone walnut parquet is particularly beautiful and timeless. The noble, dark brown, manufactured in small strips, laid in a timeless herringbone pattern is the high-end luxury parquet. Just as beautiful in large, light-flooded rooms, with floor-to-ceiling windows and discreet furnishings as it is in the seminar room of the law firm and the spacious living area of the wonderful old buildings in Vienna. Walnut combines antique and modern in a special way and creates an impressive floor picture. Parquet made of walnut in the form of planks looks more down-to-earth than the herringbone style. Planks leave room for winding rooms, open-plan living areas and are more practical to lay from room to room. The visual effect of the elegant colour remains the same.

Walnut: dark brown natural flooring

Parquet in walnut is versatile and bold when using colours and plants. Nothing underlines the naturalness of an oiled parquet floor more than natural colours - preferably created by nature itself. Thus, a room with parquet flooring in walnut with many houseplants (preferably from floor to ceiling) and lively colours such as coral red and dahlia yellow, skilfully used on the wall, as a piece of furniture or as an accessory, shows itself to be an absolute feel-good room. The dark floor colour creates a sense of security, the plants let our body and mind rest and the colours give us energy. Whether noble or lively - parquet made of walnut creates the right ambience for every taste.

Advice on buying walnut parquet flooring

Our parquet advisors will help you find the right walnut parquet to suit your taste and desired interior style. We show you what your rooms could look like and present you walnut parquet on large parquet surfaces. Order your walnut parquet sample free of charge and let our parquet specialists advise you without obligation.  

What does walnut parquet cost?

You can find high-quality walnut parquet in the parquet shop of Parkett-Agentur starting at around 72 euros per square metre.

Where can I find cheap walnut parquet?

In the parquet shop of Parkett-Agentur you can find cheap walnut parquet in best quality. You can find American walnut parquet from around 72 euros per square metre.

What are the advantages of walnut parquet?

Parquet made of walnut is particularly convincing due to its elegant appearance, which lends exclusivity to any room. Furthermore, similar to oak parquet, walnut parquet scores with a very hard wood that is particularly resistant to wear and tear.

Where can I find walnut herringbone parquet?

At Parquet Agency you will find a large selection of walnut herringbone parquet. Herringbone wood flooring is often made from American walnut.

How to clean walnut parquet properly?

To clean your walnut parquet, Parkett Agentur offers a wide range of special cleaning products for wooden floors.

How do you properly care for walnut parquet?

Regular parquet care is recommended to ensure that your walnut parquet floor will give you pleasure for a long time. You will find an extensive selection of different care products such as oils or balsam for your parquet floor in the parquet shop of Parkett Agentur.