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Oak parquet - truly wood flooring for life

Various oak parquet flooring

Parkett-AGENTUR offers a variety of different oak parquet in its assortment. Oak wood is particularly strong in its resistance and, compared to other domestic woods, still without competition. In combination with an oil treatment, oak parquet has proven itself for years as the perfect wooden flooring, since it is extremly hard-wearing. Oak wood is particularly important for house, ship and bridge building, as well as for today's furniture industry. Unsurprisingly parquet made of oak has found its way into high-quality living areas.

Oak parquet is available in great surfaces

The basis for feeling good for decades is clearly the right wooden floor. Depending on the lifestyle you prefer, oak parquet offers the right solution with its different colours, formats and surfaces: the lively variation of wild oak with many branch wholes and cracks, the natural oak with its many branch wholes, the very characteristic heartwood oak straight from the trunk and the elegant noble oak with its calm appearance - they all offer great properties to match your desired furnishing style. The colour of the parquet flooring also play a major role. If you prefer a light and inviting look, white pigmented or white oiled oak parquet is the best choice. If you like to play with contrasts, you will love the smoked wooden planks: due to the smoking process, the installed flooring surface shows impressive and exciting colour differences in the individual planks. A very special room atmosphere is created when dark parquet is laid in spacious, light-flooded rooms.

3-layer wood flooring and solid oak parquet

The most popular format of oak flooring at Parkett-AGENTUR is the Country House planks with a 3-layer structure. The 3-layer oak plank is avialable in different lenghts and widths with a high-quality top layer. Solid oak parquet is also enjoying an increase in popularity. The oak wood used for our Wildbrett Solid wood flooring comes from ecologically sustainable forestry from the best growing areas in Central Europe. The Wildbrett solid oak parquet floors are manufactured exclusively in regional production facilities with short transport routes and from ecological, sustainable forestry.

Oiled oak parquet creates a healthy indoor climate

The keywords helthy living and building biology have become increasingly important in recent years. Not least because of this reason, we are proud of our large selection of naturally oiled oak parquet. The oiled parquet supports a healthy room climate. The open wood pores saturated with oil regulate the humidity in your rooms and absorb and release moisture as required. Oiled oak parquet flooring is particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies, as it has an antistatic effect and prevents large accumulations of dust under the couch or bed, for example. The oiled surface of oak parquet flooring is also very easy to clean and maintain, It is important that you use dust and wiping cloths made from cotton instead of microfibre ones and the appropriate wood floor soap instead of conventional floor cleaners for your oak parquet.

Competent parquet consulting and advice

Our selection of oak parquet is large, so we recommend a consulation appointment in our parquet exhibition in Tyrol or in the parquet exhibition Vienna. There you can see the different colours. moods and surfaces in generous presentation areas. Our parquet consultants will provide competent support in choosing the right parquet flooring to suit your taste and requirements.

How much does oak parquet cost?

Parkett AGENTUR offers oak parquet flooring in its parquet shop from around 27 euros per square metre.

Where can I buy cheap oak parquet?

Parkett Agentur offers inexpensive, high-quality parquet for the whole of Austria in its parquet shop, starting at around 27 euros per square meter.

How to install oak parquet?

Oak parquet flooring is ideal for all do-it-yourselfers as it is very easy to install yourself.

What are the advantages of a parquet floor made of oak?

Oak parquet impresses above all with its high resistance and durability. If parquet made of oak is also oiled, it is even more hard-wearing and also supports allergy sufferers, as it has an antistatic effect and prevents larger dust accumulations. With their different grains and wood colours, oak floors are incredibly versatile. Parquet made of oak therefore adapts to your individual wishes and ideas. Our parquet specialists will be happy to help you choose the right parquet floor for you!

How do you clean oak parquet correctly?

To clean your oak floor, Parkett AGENTUR offers a wide range of special cleaning agents for wooden floors in its parquet shop.

How do you properly care for an oak parquet floor?

To ensure that your oak parquet will give you pleasure for a long time, regular parquet care is recommended. For this purpose, Parkett Agentur offers a large selection of different care products such as oils or balsam for your parquet floor in its parquet shop.