Parquet from reclaimed wood

Parquet made of reclaimed wood lends your living spaces original and individual charm. The lived-in look, marked by wind and weather and still recognisable in its original use, conjures up an incredible atmosphere in your own four walls - whether in new construction or renovation.

Wood up to 200 years old from floor boards, ceiling beams and exterior timbers forms the basis for this unique parquet. The reclaimed wood is removed and cleaned as the top layer in a handcrafted process, then left raw, soaped or oiled and applied to the backing layer with the utmost care. To emphasise the character of this great raw material, parquet is made from reclaimed wood in lengths of up to five metres and in different widths. The installation pattern of wide reclaimed wood planks next to narrow planks is reminiscent of the time when one had to use what was available. The result is an exciting picture that at the same time spreads a venerable flair. With parquet made of reclaimed wood, you can bring this unique atmosphere into your home.

„Alpine Lifestyle“ relies on reclaimed wood parquet flooring

Especially in the Alpine and pre-Alpine regions, the now well-known "Alpine lifestyle" has developed in recent years in the renovation of hotels and guesthouses. This is mainly characterised by a lot of old wood in combination with other natural materials such as stone. In these modern hotels, areas such as bars and high-class suites are designed in the same way as original farmhouses and alpine huts. Why? Because they radiate a cosy, warm feel-good atmosphere. Down-to-earth and timeless. In our short-lived Internet age, old wood brings us closer to the quality of life of another era. A feeling of security and a certain lightness quickly make us forget the stress of everyday life. Parquet flooring made of reclaimed wood offers the perfect basis for such a living environment - also for your home.

Reclaimed wood parquet from old spruce and fir wood

Reclaimed spruce and fir wood has always been a popular sawn timber and has a wide range of applications in both interior and exterior construction.Both have similar properties and the same beautiful light wood colour. Parquet made of spruce or fir wood looks friendly and inviting. The soft wood of both trees shows wonderfully the original use, shows scratches and cracks, worn and worm-eaten areas or even wooden dowels. In our reclaimed wood range you will find two different versions: One is the antique-steamed parquet floorboards and the leached-soaped parquet floorboards made of reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed oak parquet

In our range, you will find four different variants of reclaimed oak parquet. Four in plank format and two variants in the popular herringbone format. Each parquet has its own unique look. Transverse, dark storage stains as well as discolouration and occasional water spots are part of the natural appearance of the sawed and leached reclaimed oak. Reclaimed oak parquet with strong, dark discolourations and cracks has an exciting and wild effect. Herringbone parquet made of reclaimed wood, on the other hand, skilfully combines two individual styles to create an extraordinary wooden floor.

Old wood parquet from chestnut

In addition to the light, grey-brown brushed chestnut planks and the slightly darker, tobacco-brown chestnut planks, we offer you a particularly impressive old wood parquet made of chestnut: unique original old planks with traces of varnish. This parquet also shows the typical old wood characteristics such as pressure marks, scratches, discolouration, cracks, worm-eaten areas and wooden dowels. The varnish marks make each plank absolutely unique. The lacquer colours and the frequency of the lacquer marks vary from production to production.

In addition to parquet made from reclaimed wood, we also offer reclaimed wood panels with eight different surfaces in our range. If you have any questions or ideas on the subject of reclaimed wood parquet and reclaimed wood panels, our parquet specialists will be happy to help you.

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