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Finding the right parquet actually sounds quite simple. But if you take a closer look at the topic of flooring and parquet, a few questions come up. First and foremost: Which parquet do you like best? Which one matches the desired furnishings? Should it be naturally lively or rather calm? And how does the parquet actually look in the large, installed area - in your own home? This requires a good dose of imagination - or simply our innovative room planner. Select the floor, take a photo of the desired room and you can see how the parquet will look in your home.

View parquet in your own room in seconds with room planner

The new room planner makes it possible to visualise parquet flooring in your own living space very simply and in a matter of seconds. The room planner works on the computer, tablet or mobile phone: click on the "View in own room" button for the desired parquet and the room planner opens. First select a room photo or - and this is exactly the great thing about the new room planner: you take a photo directly via your mobile phone or select a photo from the gallery or from your computer. The room planner uploads the photo, recognises the room section and perspective and, within a few seconds, places the selected floor in your photo - your room. Taking into account the incidence of light, shadows and pieces of furniture, you can see in a few moments how the desired parquet floor will look. With just a few clicks, you can visualise different parquet floors and use the filter options. This way you can see which colour you like better with the furnishings or whether the format achieves the desired room effect.

Space planner visualisation already in the shell

Anyone who is building a new home is faced with many decisions and receives countless visualisations to illustrate them - 3D plans from the architect, scribbles from the kitchen planner and a visualisation of the bathroom. This is what it should look like when everything is finished. Assuming, of course, that everything goes smoothly on the building site. And above all, that no new trend gets in the way of one's own taste. And then there are all the compromises you have to make with your partner. He likes it bright and quiet, she likes patterns and likes to live lively. Our room planner is a great way to get a better idea of the other person's vision and make it easier to compromise: It already works in the shell construction phase - so you can see the incidence of light and all the desired perspectives in exactly your home. Change the parquet with just one click and compare the different parquet floors at your leisure. Of course, it also works perfectly in existing living spaces for renovation.

Room planner filter options for precise visualization

The filters in the room planner allow you to lay the parquet in different directions and, of course, to try out other parquet floors. Choose the type of wood, the colour of the parquet, the sorting of the planks and the structure that you personally find pleasant according to your taste. Grading refers to the visual effect, which is determined by the frequency of the sorted knots and cracks in the individual planks. We distinguish between lively, calm, elegant and antique grading. This is easy to see using our room planner: If you choose the quiet sorting, the planner will show you a selection of parquet with only isolated, very small knots. With the lively sorting, on the other hand, you will see your desired room with parquet that shows a wild grain, large and small knots and sometimes even cracks. With the help of the visualisation of our room planner, you can see how the parquet will look in your room and how your desired living ambience can be realised.

From herringbone to mixed widths - everything is possible in the parquet room planner

You have always dreamed of herringbone parquet in your 4 walls, but can't imagine how the great pattern looks in your home? And how does the look behave with mixed widths? The large product selection allows you to visualise different parquet formats in your home. Each parquet has its visual advantages, so skilful interior decorators and floor layers are able to perfectly set the scene for every room cut. It has never been so easy to find the right parquet. Once you have made your choice, you can click on "View details" to see the exact product information and order a free parquet sample. You can save the photo with your desired parquet or "share" it directly: on Facebook, Twitter, by e-mail or simply copy the link. This way you can show your loved ones what you like and get valuable feedback from good friends.

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