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Solid wood herringbone parquet - timeless, classic and up-to-date wood flooring

Herringbone parquet made of solid wood is increasingly used in restaurants, hotels and large-scale business premises. In addition to the beautiful appearance, which automatically enhances any room and provides moments of silent admiration even for customers in a hurry, it is mainly the durability of our herringbone floors that our clients appreciate. Herringbone is usually associated with buildings of bygone eras. When you hear herringbone parquet, you think of tenement houses in Vienna, villas in Berlin or beautiful apartments in Paris. One begins to dream about the lives of those who once used the same living spaces.

Just recently, the herringbone parquet is experiencing an upswing. No longer do the staterooms of yesteryear stand in the way of one's own dream home. Herringbone parquet of today presents itself modern, durable and accurately fitting. With natural woods from our manufacturers, you are not only guaranteed sustainability, you also receive an absolute top product at an unbeatable price with herringbone parquet from Parkett-AGENTUR.

Solid wood herringbone flooring - massive and long lasting

Those who establish solid wood herringbone parquet in their own living space are making a statement. Not only stylish and cultivated should show their own living space, but also resilient and resistant. Solid wood brings many attributes that are particularly interesting for such requirements. Solid wood herringbone is made from one piece of raw wood and is still made today in the same way as it was hundreds of years ago. Since time immemorial, solid wood has been chosen as a medium, especially in high-traffic areas. Hotels, restaurants and heavily frequented business premises have been swearing by herringbone made of corresponding types of wood for years. The variety of different surfaces is also convincing; barefoot walkers experience a completely new living feeling - with every new step! With herringbone parquet made of solid wood, not only does every room gain in splendor, the high demands that owners place on their surroundings also make themselves felt in other ways. When installing your herringbone floor, be sure to consult a professional, because herringbone parquet also makes high demands on all who want to install it.

Herringbone floors in all known variants: solid, french or chevron and of multiplayer

In the online store of Parkett-AGENTUR you will find a wide range of herringbone parquet. You will find different color shades and construction types as well as numerous interesting and striking surface designs. Besides oak, the classic parquet, you can also find walnut or smoked oak parquet. As already mentioned, you will also find numerous surface structures that will give your living space the finishing touch. With or without knots, brushed or oiled surface - the possible combinations are almost unlimited, not least due to new types of wood. All these factors just mentioned naturally also influence color shades. Gone are the days when you could only buy parquet in light brown. Who does not want to do without the classical herringbone, which is in the best way advised with the new variants from solid wood of Parkett-AGENTUR. Especially since the close co-operation of our manufactories and the price-conscious handling of raw materials finally the dream of the herringbone parquet became realizable also for smaller budgets. Our specialists are always happy to help you find the right floor for your needs. One phone call is all that separates you from your dream parquet!

What is herringbone solid wood parquet?

Herringbone solid wood parquet is real wood flooring with a distinctive look, angled rods and an unmistakable look reminiscent of herringbone. Each rod is made of a single piece of solid wood.

What are the cost of herringbone solid wood parquet?

Herringbone solid wood parquet is available at starting from roughly 120,-/sqm.

Where to find the cheapest herringbone solid wood parquet?

The best value for price of herringbone solid wood parquet is available at

Where to get advice for herringbone solid wood parquet laying?

Expert and professional advice for herringbone solid wood flooring selection and laying is available at