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Herringbone parquet - classic wood flooring in multilayer engineered base

Herringbone parquet is the trend! More and more often this magnificent wooden floor format is ordered at Parkett-AGENTUR - and the demand is constantly growing! With us you will find the most interesting and atmospheric herringbone floors exclusively with high-quality real wood construction and at least 4 mm high wear layers. With wooden floors and parquet from our store, you will visually enhance any of your rooms and at the same time have the security of calling a real quality product your own, which you will enjoy for decades to come!

Herringbone on multilayer engineered wood

Herringbone parquet made of multi-layered wood will make your dream home come true. We offer you only quality parquet from experienced producers, who completely dispense with processes and techniques of engineered wood such as HDF or OSB substrates. With our manufacturers' parquet, you get a top product at a sensational price, whose sustainability you can trace from your room directly to the forest where the wood for your new herringbone comes from. All of our herringbone parquets are finished with genuine natural oils, which increase the durability of your new floor and at the same time give it antistatic properties. This means that allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief in the truest sense of the word - because dust accumulations are now a thing of the past. The variety of possible surfaces is also convincing, because no matter which multilayer herringbone you choose, the carefully manufactured strips mean that the parquet twists less and always remains a perfect fit. However, this extra quality also requires expertise when laying your floor - you should definitely have your new herringbone installed by a professional!

Herringbone wood flooring for a limited budget

At Parkett-AGENTUR you will find herringbone parquet at absolute best prices. No matter what color and surface it should be, in our exhibitions and in our new online store you can look around at your leisure and find the perfect parquet flooring for your needs. Different types of construction, assortments, wood types and surface structures are no longer a reason to be intimidated by the topic of parquet flooring. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will help you find the right parquet. After all, the dream of herringbone parquet is affordable for every budget!

What is herringbone engineered wood flooring?

Herringbone wood flooring of engineered wood is herringbone flooring of real wood and an additional wooden carrier.

What are the cost of herringbone engineered wood flooring?

Herringbone engineered wood flooring parquet is available at starting from roughly 55,-/sqm.

Where to find the cheapest herringbone engineered wood flooring?

The best value for price for herringbone engineered wood flooring is available at

Where to get advice for herringbone engineered wood flooring laying?

Expert and professional advice for herringbone engineered wood flooring selection and laying is available at