Stairs with parquet flooring perfectly set in scene

With our functional treads and stair profiles made of parquet, you can set the stage for your stairs in a safe and stylish way! We offer various solutions for parquet stairs so that you can design your staircase according to your individual ideas. The staircase has always had a special place in architecture. In early advanced civilizations as well as in antiquity and modern times, stairs were attributed great importance in addition to their access function: the connection between heaven and earth, the ascent to a higher level. Even today, the connection between ground floor and the upper floors is an important design element for architects and builders.

Wooden stairs made out of original parquet

Stairs made of wood have always been particularly popular because the processing of wood is less complicated tahn other materials. It is especially beautiful when the staircase and the floor are made of the same wood materials, thus creating a harmonious transition between floors. We have specialised in producing beautiful and unique solutions for stairs made out of parquet and offer exclusive and well thought-out ideas for stair profiles and treads through our "Original" range. By "Original" we mean solutions for treads, stair profiles and finishing strips, which are manufactured from the "Original" parquet material according to your wishes and requirements. The advantage is that your stairs will perfectly match the wood structure, colour, grading and surface of your parquet floor. 

The difference between stair profiles and treads 

In principle, a distinction is made between stair profiles and treads. With stair profiles, stairs can be optimally clad (covered). Depending on taste, the entire step or only the tread surface can be covered. If only the tread is covered, the staircase made of wood appears very light and is optically comparable with a tread. This variant is particularly popular in combination with batten lights on the lower edge of the stair profile. If there is no wall at the side, there are various solutions to make lateral "end" - also from original parquet material. 

Treads, also known as stair treads, are already finished custom-designed parquet elements. This socalled "floating staircase" is very popular these days. In our assortment you will find different types of treads: depending on the requirements, we manufacture stair treads in straight or segmental form, hollow (in case the tread rests on carrier material) or complete (for cantilever wooden stairs). We produce stair profiles and treads from any parquet in our range

Stairs made out of parquet provide a harmonic change of floors

Stairs made of parquet not only look great, they also offer many possibilities in the implementation and are made to fit perfectly and accordingto the wishes of the customer. A staircase made of the same material as the parquet flooring blends harmoniously into the living space, is very hard-wearing and can be cleaned and maintained just as easily as the parquet floor itself. There are innumerable possiblities of forms, constructions and materials to intergate the stairs into your home. Since the early history, people have relied on the material of wood, formerly in the form of tree trunks, today handmade in different variations and matching the floor covering. Stairs manufactured and covered with parquet create a harmonious transition and offer a wide range of deisgn possibilities.

Our parquet stairway configurator

In our online shop we have devoted ourselves in detail to the topic of stairs. This is how the idea for the stairway configurator came about. This integrated tool helps you to caonfigure your desired staircase yourself as easily as possible. If you have already decided on your dream floor and want your staircase made from the same parquet material, you can click on the button "Select staircase" on the repective product page directly below the price information. You will then be shown which staircase solutions are possible with your desired parquet flooring. You simply select the available staircase variant,define the lenght and quantity and add the goods to the shopping basket. 

Of course, our experienced parquet consultants will be happy to help you with the selection and configuration of your staircase. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail. Or visit one of our parquet exhibitions in Tyrol, Vienna or Zurich and take a look at the various staircase solutions live on site. We look forward to your visit.