Certified store

The sign of confidence when shopping online

Trusted Shops TrustmarkWhen you are looking for a product, there are countless online shops that you can visit with one click and leave just as quickly. But how do choose the shop where you ultimately make your purchase? The price certainly plays a role, as do delivery times and shipping costs. But how good is the service in case of a problem? Is your data secure and the online shop reliable and reputable overall? This is difficult to assess before shopping.

Because of this matter Trusted Shops introduced the quality seal with the "e" for E-Commerce in 1999. It gives you as a buyer a reliable orientation and shows at once, which online shops are safe to shop at and where you can trust in good service.

What is behind the seal of approval?

Online shops are comprehensively checked for compliance with the Trusted Shops quality criteria before they receive and are allowed to display the seal of approval. This includes legal requirements but also, for example, strict demands on the service quality offered. As we want to make this advantage tangible and concrete for you as a buyer, we offer a buyer protection for all online shops with the seal of approval. With this you can be sure that your money is secured - even if there should be problems with your order or return.

What does the seal of approval mean for me?

If you shop in an online shop with the Trusted Shops seal of approval, you can expect maximum security and optimum service:

Data protection and security

Shops may only collect, use and pass on personal data if permitted by law or if you have given your explicit consent.


You will be informed about all offered payment methods at the beginning of the ordering process at the latest.


You will be informed about the right of withdrawal and any exceptions or special features. Furthermore, the right of withdrawal is not inadmissible or restricted to the disadvantage of the customer.

Costs and prices

Before sending the order, you will be informed about product prices, shipping costs and other additional costs in a clear and understandable way.


You will be informed about the expected delivery time or the exact delivery date.

Customer service

You can rely on good customer service as the service quality of certified shops is permanently kept transparent thanks to the Trusted Shops quality indicators.