Summer special - Parquet for life

The right parquet for every type. In our SUMMER SPECIAL, we introduce you to the different formats and construction types of parquet: Starting with the elegant herringbone strip to the ever-popular country house plank, the casual wide planks as well as noble estate floors to the robust solid wood planks and impressive old wood floors. Every parquet floor has its own charm. Depending on your personal taste and the structural requirements, you will find the right parquet flooring of the highest quality at the best price.

Herringbone parquet - the timeless stave from € 29.90/m2

Herringbone parquet is associated with large, light-flooded rooms and venerable buildings. The fact that the parquet strips also fit wonderfully into newly built flats and houses and spread a timeless, elegant ambience there is reflected in the great interest in the small strips. Herringbone parquet is available in many different colours and variants. In general, a distinction is made between classic and French herringbone parquet: In the classic version, the herringbone strips are offset against each other at 90° right angles, creating an interlocking pattern. In French herringbone, the joints are mitred, which means that the individual strips are laid directly against each other and taper to a point on the laid surface - like arrows. In our SUMMER SPECIAL, we offer you the coveted herringbone parquet from € 29.90/m².

Plank flooring - parquet in its most popular form from € 29.90/m2

With the increasing popularity of the Scandinavian furnishing style, the country house plank has experienced an extraordinary upswing. This parquet format is particularly in demand thanks to its natural look and because it fits wonderfully into a wide range of room sizes. With a minimum length of 180 cm and a minimum width of 14.8 cm, it is very easy to lay. The colour selection of country house planks is enormous and ranges from very light, extra white oiled planks to planks with lively natural shades and variations from light to medium brown to dark brown, very wild parquet planks with cracks and large knots. The Country Oak plank impresses with a high-quality, 3.8 mm thick oak wear layer in a natural look, with knots and cracks and lively structural differences. In our SUMMER SPECIAL, it is already available from € 29.90/m².

Wide planks - the casual parquet variant from € 47.90/m2

Wide planks impress with their extra wide plank format from 22 cm. Especially in narrow, elongated rooms, wide planks bring about a visual change and make living spaces appear larger. The wide plank's big brother is available in many different colours and surfaces. In our SUMMER SPECIAL, we recommend the discounted wide plank London with a full 26 centimetres of width and a lively surface that is oiled ready for living. Distinct colour and texture differences, knots and dark puttied cracks give the parquet an original look and bring life to your 4 walls. If you are struggling with dark, spatially confined conditions when renovating, you are well advised to go for the wide plank Cambridge, the white oiled version from € 47.90/m².

Solid wood planks - the robust basis for carefree living from € 69,90/m²

Our Wildbrett solid wood floorboards, made from a single piece of raw wood, are the perfect basis for carefree living. The solid parquet is particularly suitable for rooms that are subject to heavy use: whether you like to wear high heels at home or house small, wild builders and lively four-legged friends - you have absolutely no need to worry about scratches. The wood for our Wildbrett solid wood planks is particularly stable in value, durable and comes from the best growing areas in Europe. Our solid wood flooring range includes a wide variety of natural colours and great surface finishes such as wave-planed and sawn solid wood flooring. In our SUMMER SPECIAL, we introduce you to the robust solid wood planks at an exceptionally low price starting at € 69.90/m².

Manor planks - quality in high-quality 3-layer oak construction from € 75,50/m²

The special feature of our Wildbrett estate floors is the extremely high-quality construction of the planks: The 3.8 mm thick wear layer as well as the middle layer and backing are made of oak. The overall 14 mm high oak construction guarantees a very long service life and enormous durability. The format of the estate floors is similar to the format of the country house floorboards with a minimum length of 120 cm and a minimum width of 14 cm. It is interesting to note that estate floors are preferably laid in mixed lengths and mixed widths, which means that, for example, a 14 cm wide plank is followed by a 22 cm wide plank. The lengths are also available in mixed lengths from 120 cm up to 240 cm. This creates a unique installation pattern that gives your rooms a very individual character. To suit your taste and interior design style, you will find a large selection of estate floors with different colours and surfaces in the SUMMER SPECIAL starting at € 75.50/m².

Reclaimed wood floors - the trendsetter with lived-in charm from  € 149,90/m²

Reclaimed wood floors spread a very special feel-good atmosphere. Especially in combination with natural materials such as stone and loden, a very warm, secure ambience is created. When reclaimed wood is combined with smooth surfaces such as glass and ceramics or purist furnishings, the result is a very modern look. Here, the old wood, with its original charm and unique patina, comes into its own particularly well. For our Wildbrett reclaimed wood floorboards, we use boards from ancient farmhouses and hay barns that are carefully removed, cleaned and reapplied. The products are characterised by typical old wood features such as discolouration, cracks, worm-eaten areas and wooden dowels. We offer 11 completely different types of reclaimed wood flooring: From light spruce-fir to grey, naturally dried oak planks, a wild oak variant with discolourations, to chestnut in the colours tobacco brown and grey-brown. The old wood plank chestnut with colourful traces of varnish is particularly individual. In the SUMMER SPECIAL, we show you the impressive spruce-fir planks up to 5 metres long from € 149.90/m².

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