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Regional online shopping has a new significance due to the Corona crisis: it shows the local company behind the online shop in the Word Wide Web. Shoppers no longer want to get lost in the vastness of internet commerce but are looking specifically for online retailers in their region. We have been selling parquet through our online shop for over a decade, and our company is based in Leutasch, Tyrol. From there, we advise customers, sell parquet, order deliveries, send parquet samples, maintain the online shop, enter products and plan parquet promotions.

In the beginning, in 2007, many thought that an online shop for parquet flooring could not work. In combination with our spacious parquet exhibitions in Leutasch/Tyrol and in the 5th district in Vienna, the know-how of our parquet consultants and our services, such as the parquet sample dispatch, it worked. So well that the Parquet AGENCY is now employer for 15 employees (13 in Tyrol, 2 in Vienna) and valuable partner for other Austrian companies, floor layers and parquet manufacturers. Today, in these times shaken by the Corona crisis, we consider ourselves very fortunate to operate an online shop. This sales channel has always been very important to us - and is now more important than ever. Today, we are like so many other Tyrolean companies - it is about our jobs, about us as part of the Tyrolean economy. Therefore, we also appeal: Buy online from regional retailers.

Free parquet shipping until 30 April

We know from some of our clients how hard the current situation is hitting them. Until recently, they were looking expectantly and optimistically into a rosy future consisting of building their own home, renovating a flat - realising their dream of owning their own home. Now cutbacks have to be made. Not every wish can be realised as originally planned. That is why we have decided to give our customers the gift of shipping costs: from a purchase value of € 250 incl. VAT, we deliver parquet and the matching accessories free of charge within Austria and Germany. The promotion "The Easter Bunny delivers for free" runs up to and including 30 April. And even though our exhibitions are unfortunately closed to visitors at the moment, our parquet advisors are still there for you and are happy to advise you by phone or email.

Parquet to touch - free sample shipment

Of course, we know from experience that choosing the right floor is not always easy to decide in front of a PC: The right floor covering needs to be seen and, of course, felt. How does hand-planed parquet feel? How strong is the colour difference between white oiled and light white oiled parquet? And does Swiss stone pine parquet really smell as good as the pine wood in the parlour? So that you don't have to do without these impressions, we make it possible for you to examine your parquet favourites at home with our free parquet sample dispatch. To order a sample, simply click on the "Request sample" button next to the desired product. Within a few days, the hand sample will be at your home and you can take a close look at it, feel the surface and structure. Of course, our parquet advisors will also be happy to help you: simply tell us which parquet you like and our advisors will arrange for the sample to be sent to you.

Making the most of time at home - try out the room planner

If you haven't found your dream parquet yet, it's best to let our new parquet planner inspire you. In this innovative visualisation tool, you can easily place different parquet floors in a photo of your own rooms. You can use a photo of the room you want to renovate or even a photo of the shell or your 3D plan. Simply open the room planner on your mobile phone, take a photo, upload it and try out the different parquet floors. This way you can see in seconds how the different colours, formats and even laying directions of the chosen parquet will look in your rooms. You can see how the parquet looks in different lighting conditions and which format is best suited for the room section. You can then download these visualised images and even send them by e-mail or publish them on the popular social media portals.

Buy parquet from Austria regionally online - We are here for you!

In our online shop, we present you with a wide variety of parquet floors: starting with the popular country house plank, through robust solid wood planks to elegant herringbone parquet, which you can easily order online. Especially our own brand Wildbrett Naturboden is characterised by domestic production and ecologically sustainable forestry of the raw materials. You can be sure that you are buying parquet flooring that has been manufactured in a domestic production facility. This not only keeps delivery times and delivery routes short, but also protects the environment.

Our parquet advisors in Tyrol are still available during the following opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. by phone at +43 (0)59 6814 and by e-mail at Our parquet experts in Vienna can also advise you by telephone and e-mail on the following days: Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm.

We look forward to your enquiries and are still here for you!

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