Parquet made of Swiss stone pine - Queen of the alps

Swiss pine is known as the wood of well-being and health. Parquet made from Swiss pine has become epaxially popular for sleeping areas, as the consciousness about a healthy living climate and ecologically worthwhile building materials has risen significantly over the last few years. Therefore, it is not suprising that this special wood for home construction and furtniture manufacture is as popular as ever, especially in hotel industry. We are delighted to offer you Swiss pine parquet in two impressive country house styles.

Better Sleep thanks to Swiss Pine Parquet 

A rustic floor made from Swiss pine does not only provide a cozy atmosphere but is also capable to enhance our general wellbeing. There are several studies suggesting that the essential oils of Swiss pine wood contribute to personal wellbeing and enhance the quality of sleep, which is why bedrooms made from Swiss pine are becoming more and more popular.  

Aromatic Parquet Made from Swiss Pine

Swiss pine’s unmistakable scent becomes fully developed only in its built-in form. The scent which will be spread by a parquet made from Swiss pine will bring back memories from the woods and nature, an environment in which we humans naturally feel comfortable. A pleasing side effect of Swiss pine wood is its high antibacterial quality. This prevents, for example, mould from developing; after a trial period of 12 to 14 hours, no viable bacteria can be detected on the surface. Furthermore, Swiss pine’s particular suitability for a mothproof storage of textiles can clearly be provided. These are all impressive reasons for choosing furniture and flooring made from this fine natural wood.

Swiss Pine in the Style of Country House Boards

As part of our parquet range, we offer two version of Swiss pine boards: either oiled, or white oiled country house boards made from Swiss pine. Visually, both country house boards come with the round branches, which are impressively contrasted in light-to dark-brwon, and which are typical for Swiss pine. The oiled country house board emphasises the Swiss pine´s natural colouring. The white oiled parquet made from Swiss pine is only a nuance lighter and therefore does not darken as much as natural Swiss pine. Nevertheless, both radiate the wood's the unmistakable look and radiate the fragant smell, which has positive effects on our body. With a width of 20cm and board lenghts ranging from 1,85 to 2,40 meters, whis parquet seamlessly blends into rooms of any size. These country house boards, ensure a high ease of installation thanks to the triple-layered build with a four-sided chamfering and groove system allow for high ease of installation. Even rooms with underfloor heating are not a problem: Swiss pine parquet is perfectly suited for an all-over adhesion on floor screeds with underfloor heating using hot water. In line with the two versions of country house boards, we also offer Swiss pine skirting boards made from massive wood.

Everyone who enjoys a good night's relaxing sleep and who loves the smell of pine is well advised to choose a parquet made from Swiss pine. Even our ancestors were known to relax best in parlours made from Swiss pine. And it is especially now, in our fast-paced world, that we can benefit from this wood's properties to help our body relax. We ship parquet made from Swiss pine to Austria, Germany - if requested Europe-wide - and to Switzerland.

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