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Our care products for your parquet - professional quality at a resonable price

We have the perfect care products for your parquet 

Parquet is a floor covering that will give you pleasure for decades. Provided you can clean and maintain your oiled parquet with a suitable parquet care product. To keep it clean and beautiful, you need nothing more than a few little helpers_ depending on how the surface of your parquet floor is finished, you are well equipped with the following parquet care products - wood floor soap and special soap, care balm, intensive cleaner and care oil. We will explain how and when to use which care product correctly. 

Parquet care products for regular cleaning and maintenance

For a regular cleaning and care process of ypur parquet floor, it is best to use the appropriate wooden floor soap. Depending on whether your parquet has a natural or white oiled surface, use the white wooden floor soap or the colourless soap for naturally oiled and smoked parquet. This care productcontains important ingredients such as coconut and soya fats, that strengthen the oiled wood surface and promote durability. Before doing so, simply sweep or vacuum the parquet and then wipe damp with the water-wood floor soap mixture.

Our tip: make sure you use cotton wiping cloths and two buckets: one with the wooden floor soap mixture and one with clear water to wring out the cloths.

Care products to refresh oiled parquet

Special soap and care balm:
The care balm is a care product which is perfectly suited for refreshing the oil surface. To do this, pour the balm into a spray bottle and carefully polish the wooden surface. To do this, pour the balm into a spray bottle and carefully polish the wooden surface by hand or with a polishing machine. Before doing so, the wooden floor must be free of dust and thoroughly wiped with special soap. These two care products strengthen your parquet floor and provide optimum protection against small scratches and stains. After only 1 hour the parquet floor can be walked on again and looks like new. We recommend refreshing oiled parquet depending on the wear and tear of the floor. 

Care products for the basic cleaning of your parquet 

The intensive cleaner and maintenance oil cleans your parquet down to the pores and renews the oil surface so that your parquet floor looks as if it had just been laid.

Intensice cleaner: use the intensive cleaner before you treat your oiled natural wood floor with maintenance oil. The special parquet cleaner penetrates deep into the wood surface, removes stubborn dirt as well as soap and oil residues. After you have cleaned your parquet with the intensive cleaner and it is completely dry, you can start with the natural oil treatment. We recommend cleaning with intensive cleaner and care with maintenance oil only after your wooden floor has been subjected to very intensive use.

Maintenance oil: after you have cleaned your parquet from dirt with the intensive cleaner, it is very important to re-apply the oil surface so that your wooden floor is well protected and hard-wearing for many more years. To do this, it is best to use a polishing machine and polish the undiluted oil thoroughly into the parquet surface until no more moist oil film can be seen on the wood. The maintenance oil needs approx. 24 hours until it is fully absorbed and hardened. Afterwards, your natural wood floor will look as if it has just been laid. Please make sure that this parquet care product is the rifht one for your parquet: white care oil for extra to slightly white pigmented parquet and colourless care oil for naturally oiled and smoked parquet. 

If you have any question about the rifht care products or their application, our parquet experts will be happy to help you by phone, e-mail and of course personally at our parquet exhibitions in Tyrol, Vienna and Zurich. You will find the right care productsin the accessories section in our online shop.