Parquet exhibition Tyrol shines with new entrance area

True to our motto "Parquet for life - SEE, FEEL, WONDER", we set about redesigning the entrance area of the Parquet exhibition Tyrol. After we received so much positive feedback about our trade fair presentation at the Tyrolean House Building and Energy Trade Fair Innsbruck, the redesign was not difficult for us. We want our customers to see (feel and be amazed by) what they can expect from us as soon as they enter our parquet exhibition: parquet flooring. In the highest quality and largest selection.

Our campaign "WOW/m² - parquet that inspires!" has accompanied us for wonderful years. A parquet campaign of which we were very proud and which received great approval from our customers. However, there was a small drop of bitterness in the entrance area of our parquet exhibition: a pasted glass plate that showed the huge selection of parquet, but was not real, but "only" printed. This had to be changed during the redesign of the entrance area. What we were also missing was an appropriate greeting - not that our wonderful reception staff don't do it appropriately, quite the opposite!  - but a written "welcome" at first sight should not be missing either.

Parquet, that welcomes our customers

What could be better for this than a "Hello" on wood?! With the Leutasch carpentry "Woodstocker - Your Design Carpentry", with whom we have been working successfully for years, a competent partner with the right equipment for our idea was quickly found. Explained briefly by phone, the appointment for the elaboration was also already arranged. With seven floorboards in our luggage, we set off for the beautiful Gaistal, where we were immediately given a friendly welcome in the carpentry workshop by managing director Elias Stocker and master carpenter Lukas Stocker. After the first great amazement at the huge machine that was to give our floorboards a friendly "welcome", we got started. A short time later, we were on our way back to our parquet showroom - including our floorboards, a Servus and Grüezi and much more. 

Arriving at the Parquet Showroom Tyrol, a short meeting with our sample carpenter Pietro followed - who cut and hung everything so wonderfully according to our wishes and perfectly assisted us with his practical ideas. Thanks to his creative efforts, our idea could be realised as desired. The old glass board was taken down and everything was ready for the new welcoming look of the Parquet Exhibition Tyrol. The result is a bright, friendly vestibule that shows the diversity of our range in a simple manner and duly welcomes every customer, whether from Austria, Germany, Switzerland or Italy. In addition to the welcoming words, the seven floorboards show the natural colour selection of parquet in a harmonious colour gradient. In the middle, a selection of different parquet structures invites you to "feel" them and next to it, our floorboard of the month is presented. On the left wall, large parquet presentations explain the meaning of the assortment at first glance.

We are delighted that we can now welcome our customers with an authentic entrance area worthy of parquet flooring and would like to express our sincere thanks to Lukas and Elias from Woodstocker for the uncomplicated and rapid cooperation.

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