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Skirting board:
  • Oak
  • Larch
  • Walnut american
  • Spruce
  • weiß
  • grey
  • light brown
  • dark brown
  • 18-50mm
  • 51-60mm
  • small bevel
  • small curve
  • oiled
  • sealed
  • foiled
  • veneered
  • massive
  • foiled
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1 From 5

Cube - the modern skirting board

Our all-time bestseller is probably the withe skirting board Cube. The modern rectangular shape with slightly bevelled visible edge is the best choice for all Scandinavian lifestyle lovers. The white foliated skirting melts into the wall and draws a uniform straight edge on the floor. As simple and straightforward as this style of furnishing. In addition to the great white Cube skirting, we also offer this variant veneered in wood look, completely solid and as Original skirtings. Avialable in two different heights: 40mm or 58mm. The higher the posher the skirting looks.