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Skirting board:
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Larch
  • Walnut american
  • Cherry wood american
  • Ahorn canadian
  • weiß
  • grey
  • light brown
  • dark brown
  • 18-50mm
  • 51-60mm
  • 61-120mm
  • small bevel
  • small curve
  • large curve
  • profile milling
  • oiled
  • sealed
  • foiled
  • veneered
  • foiled
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1 From 6

Veneered skirting boards

In this section you will find our basic range of veneered skirtings with rounded top edge. A softwood core in domestic spruce is used as the base material for the veneer layer. The veneered skirtings are available in a wide variety of wood species and finishes. You will also find suggestions for matching skirtings in the article description of your parquet floor under the item accessories.