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Aufbau: jede Schicht aus Eiche
Aufbau: jede Schicht aus Eiche
Aufbau: jede Schicht aus Eiche
Aufbau: jede Schicht aus Eiche
Aufbau: jede Schicht aus Eiche
Aufbau: jede Schicht aus Eiche

Wildbrett parquet - truly natural wood flooring

The Wildbrett Naturboden parquet remaining stock is characterised by the best domestic quality, obtained from ecologically sustainable forestry at absolutely low prices. Our Wildbrett Naturboden floors are particularly close to our hearts: they stand for outstanding quality from domestic production. 

The wood for the parquet floors comes from the best growing areas in Europe - the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. This keeps the transport distances from logging to production to the customer short and protects the environment. Each parquet floor is refined exclusively with the best floor oil, varnishes are categorically rejected. Therfore Wildbrett natural floors are especially healthy for living and contribute to a pleasant room climate. Let us convice you of these impressive floors in our parquet campaign at fabulous prices! 

Wildbrett sale: manufactory work at the highest level for a small price

The products of our sale as well as all Wildbrett natural floors - from plank to manor floor to solid wood plank - are manufactured to order in a specialised factory at the highest level. We are in close contact with our production partners in order to keep up to date with the latest developments regarding production and product range. Our partners have been intensively involved with the topic of solid wood for decades and have a very extensive and valuable knowhow regarding the production of solid wood planks. Important factors, such as the correct storage of the raw material, the gentle drying of the wood, the conditioning during the production, and a precisely fitting production with the most modern machines, make a high-quality solid wood flooring. 

Healthy living with Wildbrett parquet on sale

The Wildbrett natural floors in our parquet campaign show a beautiful colour spectrum - from country house planks in a raw look to withe-oiled knotty oak and smoked planks - for every taste and are also all characterised by optimal, healthy living properties.

In contrast to lacquered and sealed floors the surface of Wildbrett wood floors are refined with natural oil. The wood surface is thoroughly saturated with oil, but not sealed.

Once the oil has hardened the surface becomes very robust and resistant but is still able to breath which means it is still possible for the wood to absorb moisture from the air and release it again. This is how parquet regulates the room climate in a natural way. In the cold season, when dry air prevails (due to heating), we recommend paying attention to the humidity in the room and, if necessary, using a humidifier to protect the floor from drying out so that the parquet can continue to regulate the room climate. The maintenace of the oil surface is super easy - as necessary just use our Wildbrett care oil. Allergy sufferers and dust-sensitive people can litrally breathe a sigh of relief when they choosse oiled parquet from Wildbrett: the wooden surface is antistatic which is why large accumulations of dust have no chance on this parquet floor.

Large selection of high quality parquet on sale

In our Wildbrett parquet sale we offer a large selection of high quality parquet at a sensational price-performance ratio. Our own brand WIldbrett Naturboden offers a large variety of parquet floors with extraordinary colours, structures and formats. During the past few years we developed a lot of interesting new products with our production partners. The latest additions to our range are sawed surfaces, air-dried planks, original antique wooden floors and room-lenght solid wood planks. The whole Wildbrett range can be viewed in our parquet showrooms by appointment. Of course we inform you about the features of our Wildbrett wooden floors on sale the phone +43(0)59 6814-0 or e-mail or send you a parquet sample free of charge.