Parquet Clearance Sale

Parquet Clearance Sale

In our parquet clearance we offer a variety of remaining stock of parquet, skirting boards, stair profiles, as well as steps and exclusive furniture and lamps made of parquet at particularly affordable prices. The individual and unique custom-made furniture and parquet floors are of latest best quality. Here you will find special offers with up to 80% discount on the original price.

Remaining Parquet Stock - Unique Display Items

In our parquet showroom in Tyrol, Vienna and Zurich we regularly present the latest parquet furniture. In our parquet sales department, exlusive custom-made products such as dining tables and lamps are waiting to give your home an individual touch. Stemming from the idea that parquet is more than just a floor covering, the creative heads of Parkett-AGENTUR designed unique pieces of furniture that are in line with the spirit of the times and trends. Parquet is particulary suitable to producing furniture because a parquet's surface is highly resistant whilst being easy to maintain. A further advantage is of course that wood is considered a healthy building material and the processing of parquet is rather uncomplicated. During our parquet clearance we offer individual display iterms at very attractive prices.

Parquet clearance - Inexpensive Parquet Floors

As we constantly adapt our assortment to the demand and wishes of our customers, it may occur that our warehouse is stocked with pre-produced parquet floors of a design which we have already taken out of our range, and which we can therefore sell at incredibly affordable parquet clearance prices. These products are mainly custom-made, special surfaces, and sometimes antique wooden parquet. These special parquet floors and surfaces can be used to add the perfect touch to a specific room or wall in your home. Depending on which parquet we can offer for sale, there are no limits to your imagination: from exclusive, extravagant interior areas to traditional, rustic parlour panelling - an abundance of dreams can be realized thanks to our sale products.

Staircase Solutions during Parquet Clearance

During our parquet clearance we also offer parquet steps and nosing profiles. These steps and stiar profiles were mainly produced in relation to an order. But as every builder-owner knows - during a construction you may come across unexpected changes - or the amount needed was simply calculated wrongly. If the ordered parquet staircase solutionshave already been produced at that point, we offer them at incredibly low prices as part of our remaining parquet stock. You will find both continuous stair profiles and stair nosing profiles with border. If you have already found you dream parquet flooring, make sure if any of our staircase solutions offered in the parquet clearance match it - this way you can save money and do not have to wait for the production time.

Parquet remaining stock - Skirting Boards

Parquet skirting boards are also among the remaining parquet stock. It is often difficult for our customers to estimate how many running meters of skirting boards are required. Therefore we offer unused goods for sale at an especially good price point. So, if you decide to buy white skirtings, it is recommended to have a look at our parquet clearance. If the matching skirting board is included, you can add the avialable quantity and this save on your expenses. 

Ask Directly about our Parquet Clearance!

Ask our parquet consultants avout the current parquet clearance products. It is especially benefical to bypass the production time during a renovation, or to be able to take the suitable parquet furniture right home with you. The display items and remaining stock in our parquet clearance can ve viewed in our parquet showroom in Tyrol and can be taken home directly. If you have any questions about the certain parquet clearance products, we are looking forward to your inquiry and will be happy to help you via phone +43 59 6814-0 or by e-mail