We say thank you, dear forest!

Today, 21 March, it's that time again: we celebrate Forest Day. Why do we celebrate this day at the Parkett-AGENTUR? Quite simply: without the forest, we would hardly have such beautiful work with such a wonderful wood product.

Come with us on a little ramble through the forest. You will see refreshing greenery, brilliant sunlight reflected in the morning dew, young as well as old trees and plants. And if you look very closely, you will see an incredible variety of life. Do you notice how your mood changes? A wise woman gave me the following advice as a child: "When you are sad, go to the forest. Sit down and let nature have its effect on you. You'll see, after a few minutes you'll feel better right away." At the time, it was a mystery to me how that would work. But it was true. The forest had a calming effect on me. The natural colours, the sun with its exciting play of light and shadow, the subtle sounds of nature - all this improved my mood in a miraculous way.

The forest as a natural "mood lifter"

Today, thanks to various studies, we know that spending time in the forest strengthens our well-being in many ways. Medical doctor and biologist Univ. Prof. Dr. Maximilian Moser from the Medical University of Graz explains the reason for this quite simply: "The cradle of us humans lies in areas with forest landscapes. We are adapted to the forest and therefore we feel good when we see a forest or spend time in a forest." Responsible for this are the gentle sounds and smells, the dancing rays of the sun, the natural colours of plants and trees, and the special composition of the air in the forest. Electrically negatively charged oxygen ions, which are created by the evaporation of water on plants and leaves, have a positive effect on our organism - as soon as we breathe them in. Our respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system, our immune system as well as our mood have been proven to improve in the forest. (Source: MEDIZIN populär)

Facts and figures about the forest 

Austria is one of the most densely forested countries in Europe. Approximately 4 million hectares - almost half of Austria - is covered with forest. In Austria we speak of cultural forest, which means that the forest is used and protected by humans, in short: sustainably managed. It serves us as a productive, protective, welfare and recreational forest. The forestry and timber industry is one of the largest and most important employers in Austria; around 300,000 people live from forests and timber. Our neighbouring countries Germany and Switzerland are also among the most densely forested countries in Europe: In Germany, almost one third of the total area - 11.4 million hectares - is covered with forest, and Switzerland, with 1.26 million hectares, also has one third of its forest area.

Parquet from sustainable forestry

Our own brand Wildbrett Naturboden is made up of high-quality natural wood flooring whose raw material comes exclusively from the best growing areas in Europe, from demonstrably ecologically-sustainable forestry. Production takes place in regional production facilities within a maximum radius of 250 km, which means that transport distances are deliberately kept short. This gives you the certainty that you are purchasing an ecologically sound product with Wildbrett natural wood flooring.

We, the team of Parkett-AGENTUR, appreciate our natural wood floors and enjoy working in our parquet showrooms. It smells good, feels cosy and we simply feel comfortable with this wonderful natural product. See for yourself the pleasant atmosphere in our parquet exhibitions in Leutasch, Tyrol and in the 5th district in Vienna.

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