The right parquet care

The right parquet care for oiled wooden floors is simple, uncomplicated and very important. After all, your parquet floor has to withstand a lot: Children playing on it, the dog suddenly rushing into the living room with its muddy paws and your new pumps that you first have to break in. Your oiled wooden floor will easily withstand all these stresses and strains for decades - as long as you care for your parquet floor properly. Our parquet specialists will be happy to help you with this. In the following, we will tell you three simple tips on how to care for your parquet floor properly with little effort:

With an oiled wooden floor, you have made a good choice in many respects: Sustainable, healthy and extremely hard-wearing. It contributes to a healthy indoor climate and is ideally suited for allergy sufferers thanks to its antistatic effect. The open-pored wood surface of oiled parquet regulates humidity and releases or absorbs moisture as needed. Especially oak parquet with a naturally oiled surface is very hard-wearing and easy to care for. To keep it that way, follow these three tips when caring for it:

Clean and maintain parquet with wood floor soap

Use a cleaner that cleans AND protects your parquet floor. The wood floor soap was developed especially for this purpose: It contains special ingredients such as soy and coconut fats that clean the wood surface and also protect it from dirt. Regular care with wood floor soap keeps your parquet floor hard-wearing - no matter how often you enter the house with dirty shoes on rainy autumn days. Depending on whether your parquet floor is white or colourless oiled, use the white or the colourless wood floor soap. Conventional floor cleaners - with grease-dissolving active ingredients - and regular mopping with clear water - without wood floor soap - make your parquet sensitive to dirt because the caring and protective ingredients are missing.

Two buckets make the difference in parquet cleaning

A simple and actually quite logical trick: Use two buckets for mopping your parquet, one with the wood floor soap-water mixture and one with warm, clear water. First, apply the wood floor soap mixture with a cotton wipe to loosen the dirt from the surface. Then use the warm water from the second bucket and your own cotton wipe to pick up the loosened dirt. This way, your parquet is perfectly cleaned and maintained.

Maintaining parquet with cotton cloths instead of microfibres

For regular removal of dust and loose dirt, it is best to use a hoover or broom. Dust cloths made of microfibre/microfibre are not suitable for parquet care. It is also important to use cotton cloths for mopping. Microfibres easily abrade the wood and damage the protective surface. This allows dirt to penetrate the parquet surface. Visually, your parquet loses its natural liveliness and warm radiance, it becomes grey and sensitive.

With these three simple tricks, you can ensure that your parquet stays clean and well protected from dirt. If your parquet floor no longer looks quite so beautiful after years of very heavy use, it can simply be freshened up with an oil treatment. Sealed wooden floors, on the other hand, must first be sanded and then resealed. With carpets, the only thing that often helps is a complete replacement. In comparison, parquet care via oil refreshing is uncomplicated and usually only needs to be applied after a few years. After oil treatment, the natural colour of the wood becomes more vivid, the wood grain becomes more apparent and your parquet floor is once again optimally protected against dirt and other stresses - so that you can enjoy your parquet floor for many years to come.

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